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What is Fashion  & Costume Jewellery?

What it is made of is what defines whether it is fashion or costume jewellery and detemines the price

It may be easier to understand what it is not ie.  it is generally not made of a precious metal such as gold or platinum and precious  stones such as diamonds , emeralds & rubies to name a few.

It is however jewellery which is made of anything else and can include base metals, copper, brass, pewter and or any organic material such as shells, leather, feathers, plant products etc. It could also be made from items such as acrylic, resin, crystals or animal products. The list is endless.

Who wears fashion or costume jewellery?

Anyone is the answer Men, women, teens and children.

How much does it cost?

Generally not as much as precious jewellery which means that it can be worn everyday or any occasion and we can afford to buy far more of it than just one more expensive piece.

We tend not to have a lifetime expectation of survival for it as we do with precious jewellery.

Where do you buy it?

Well from me of course. Please browse the online store as I do not have a shop. 

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