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Costume Jewellery Repairs

Do You Require Costume Jewellery Repairs?

Costume and fashion jewellery sometimes breaks and needs repairs. It is usually not made from precious metal and hence it cant be soldered.

Some repairs can be done by laser welding which I can arrange.

I can restring broken necklaces including pearls which sometimes need to be knotted between each pearl.

I can repair pendants by gluing or restringing or using wire.

I can fix bracelets which often break if they are elastic.

I can replace clasps.

Jewelry Expert
Pearls Closeup

Lost one of your favourite  earring?

Dont despair I can make one to match or convert it to a pendant.


Tired of that necklace which appears to have shrunk over time  ?


Dont despair it can be converted to earrings or a bracelet.

Send me a picture of your broken jewellery and I will gladly provide some ideas. Often there is no need to throw out your old pieces you once chose to love . Rebirth them

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